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October 3, 2014

Aaron & Sarah | Green & Gold Wausau Wisconsin Wedding

I was standing in the hotel room talking with Sarah when Ann, Sarah’s mom came in.. We were introduced and then it happened. Ann started tearing up and gave me probably the biggest hug I’ve ever received in my life. It was in that moment that I have never felt more appreciated. I never want to forget that hug. I have been waiting for Sarah & Aaron’s big day for that felt like forever.

He turned around and just kept saying, “You look so beautiful. You look so beautiful”.. They stood there and embraced each other as the sun gleamed through the yellow turning trees that Wausuau morning. These two are the epitome of a couple that’s going to grow old together. The couple that laugh together and their eyes glistening up when they are looking each other.. You know what I’m talking about!

I am so unbelievably happy for you two.  Since the day our interaction started we have just clicked and you have felt like lifelong friends. It made photographing your wedding such an honor and to celebrate with you was amazing.

Congratulations you two. I wish we lived closer to one another!!!

Sarah’s grandma’s earrings were the perfect accessory to her wedding day attire. Seriously how beautiful! 

Have you ever seen a momma so happy?! I sure haven’t and I was very excited when I snagged this capture. 

Sarah and Aaron opted for a first look giving them plenty of time for portraits AND they got to spend the WHOLE day together!!! 

If you look closely look at Aaron’s face.. I tear up when I look at it for too long.. I love the emotion. 

We did their engagement session at Rib Mountain and it was so crazy to see it in fall colors!! 

These bridesmaids dressed were handmade!! Imagine my delight when I saw them! Obsessed with GOLD!
I love this one! 
So Aaron was waiting for Sarah.. Drew, Aaron’s brother, got out of the car and I said.. Oh my goodness you guys look SO much alike!!
Aaron says.. Yepp we’re identical twins…… Been that way since birth!
Chicago fan myself but I loved the touches of the Packer’s throughout their day. 

Might be my favorite! 

There was sooo much emotion that day!! Sarah’s Grandma is the cutest thing in the world. 


Michael found this area!! GREEN & GOLD!! 

We snuck out for a sunset session with some glow! So worth the crazy mosquitos!! 

LOVE THESE! The sun was amazing! 

My favorite! 

Bahahaha Aaron! I love this one of Sarah and your face cracks me up!! 
Aaron’s request and I love it ! 

Much love to this amazingly warm, welcoming, down to earth couple. We love you!!!