October 10, 2014

Jake & Brooke | Backyard Chilly October Wedding


Brooke emailed me six weeks before their wedding inquiring about my photography. She stated that she was planning a last minute because, “Life is short and we’re ready to get married!”.. I was thrilled that I was available because after some social media stalking I knew these two were going to have a relaxed full of love day and that’s exactly what it was.

I pulled up to a beautiful house tucked into fields of country side with music blasting and the wind whipping. It was going to be a chilly one at 45 degrees but weather aside it was going to be a perfect day.

From our short time getting to know each other there are a couple of things I have noticed about these two. They love their puppies, they have incredibly good taste (their house is amazing), and they’re just two people that can just “be”. I admired their excitement and how welcome they made me feel. It’s funny really, we hardly knew each other but these two felt like old friends.

From the very bottom of my heart, congratulations you two! Your wedding was picture perfect and I was thrilled to be there to capture it for you. Enjoy!

Brooke’s dress was fabulous. I wasn’t kidding about the good taste. 

 I don’t think there is a more classic engagement ring. Jake’s wedding band was silicone! How cool is that?! 

 Lizzy, the MOH, got Brooke this beautiful jewelry box! So unbelievably thoughtful and sentimental! 

 Whoa. Hands down my favorite groom-getting-ready-portrait ever. 

 When Jake walked down the isle the amount of hugs that were given was heart warming! I love the smile! 

 This is the view on their front yard! Wow! 

 Brooke you have amazing eyes. I should have told you that day but I’m telling you now. Amazing. 

 This picture is false advertisement. Imagine me saying something really witty and funny and everyone laughing. Nope. Lies.. Fake laugh for the win.. ahhhhgain. 
 Portrait time aka my favorite time. Obviously. 

 “We know we hired the right photographer when she wraps us in a blanket” – Jake 
Another favorite. 
 Good smile job Mr. Statstad 
 Worrrrk it! GQ Style! 

 We had to include the pups (and photoshop out a few lingering tails…) – I la la love Ari Gold in this one! 

 Redd Dog & Ari Gold are hands down the best labs I have ever met. They were the sweetest most relaxed pups all day! 

 Prepare yourself for a lot of green. Never would have known it was 45 degrees and wiiiindy! 
 Brooke! Ahhhh! The one on the left?! Call Tyra Banks! 
 Another favorite!! 

 And another favorite. Safe to say I really loved this wedding! 

 Lightroom + RAW images = Holy awesome sky batman.
Michael would say, “Yepp….. Those are words” 
 Gahhhh!!!!! LOVE! 

 Yepp.. 6 inches chopped off my hair! So fresh and so clean! 
Vendor Love:
Ceremony: Jake & Brooke’s Home in Blanchardville, Wisconsin 
Reception: Jake & Brooke’s Home in Blanchardville, Wisconsin
Caterer: Johnson’s Catering (Sooooo GOOD!!!)
Baker: Johnson’s Catering baked fresh apple crisp! YUM