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October 31, 2014

She’s Here! | Personal Post

I am a techie & a amongst the loyal Apple clan. I remember when the first iPhone commercial aired. I was in the T.V. room at my parents house and yelled at my mom to come quick! It was one of the first times the iPhone commercial had ran and I was over the moon. A couple of years later Verizon had picked up the iPhone and I have been running with one ever since.

It makes sense to have an iPhone.. I’ve got a handful of Apple products and they just play so nicely together.

When Apple announced the iPhone 6 and 6+ I could not WAIT to get my hands on one. I was up for a new phone and my 5 was going crazy (still think there was a little man sitting behind a desk making them act up because I know I wasn’t alone!).

I walked my happy butt to the mall on release day and took a peak and had decided on the Gold 6+ in 64GB.

It arrived the other day in it’s angel singing box of glory & I am in love.

Yes that is snow on my deck on Halloween! This snow bunny was pretty excited to see the dusting this morning!!

It is a little tricky using while laying in bed as I’ve smacked myself in the face a couple of times with it.. First world problems.