November 17, 2014

Lauren | Boudoir Photos


A couple of things happened on Friday… I realized a natural light studio is a must have down the road, window light and white sheets in a makeshift apartment studio turned out better then I could have ever imagined, and I made my best friend feel absolutely beautiful in her own skin.

We sat side by side going through her RAW files and editing them, laughing over silly jokes, and talking about random nonsense. She kept gushing over how she didn’t think she could like like this and how these photos made her feel so empowered.

& then it hit us. Boudoir photos are about beauty, they are about working your curves and falling in love with who you are as a woman. Lauren went on saying that every woman should do this for herself. Not just for a significant other but to highlight yourself and realize that you are beautiful.

She watched the editing process and kept going on about how amazed she was. Taking a normal photo and enhancing it solely based on light and contrast with a dash of warmth made all the difference. It was so fun to let her watch the post processing side of my business and share that with her!

Without further adieu, folks, my beautiful best friend.

The one on the right is what I see when I think of Lauren (not the half naked part.. ha!) but that smile. 
I couldn’t love the lighting anymore then I do. 

So beautiful! 

One of my favorites!

Another favorite!