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November 3, 2014

Now What? | Personal Post

Since June my life has been eating, living, breathing weddings & serving my clients. This summer has been a dream come true and I’ve been so unbelievably fortunate to have the most amazing clients.

I photographed a stunning wedding in Rockford this weekend and now I have a break till December 31st which is my last wedding of the year.. Ahhh! What in the world am I going to blog about?! What am I going to do with my weekends and the free time?! I’m a little nervous actually. I feel like waking up on a Saturday with nothing to do will be hard for me (for the first few weeks) as it won’t be necessary to wake up early, or charge a million batteries, format memory cards, shave my legs (Yepp. Not happening), gather addresses, phone numbers, edit.. EDIT… What am I going to do without editing through this time off?!

Well I have a lot I want to accomplish this winter and the list keeps growing. I’m hoping to get some of these things knocked out during my off time!

I was hoping to have Marissa & Joe’s wedding up today but I woke up yesterday morning with a horrible cold/flu maybe? You know the body aches, took a 3 hour nap, and still exhausted type? Fun. Plus they are in Jamaica right now so I don’t think they’ll mind 🙂

So I figured with an open day & nothing to talk about I’d list some of my goals that I’m hoping to reach/accomplish this off season.

      1. Reach 20 weddings. Shooting 4 in 2013 – 14 in 2014 – I’m really not wanting to get myself in too deep too quick. So 20 is the goal! Almost there 🙂 
      2. Business cards? Mine are already out dated.. Womp womp wompp 
      3. Toying the idea of new packaging. Really sitting the fence on this right now. Wanting something more original/classy/creative but not sure what. Bleh. 
      4. Album design – Scares the poop out of me for some reason but need to do it.
      5. Send gear in for cleaning/repairs/routine maintenance. I know, I know Dad. Get it done 🙂
      6. Bridal welcome packet?
      7. Formulate blog ideas.
      8. Work on networking within Caynay Brides | Figure out what I want to do with it. 
      9. Continuing working on website. 
      10. Taxes/appointment with CPA. 
      11. INVEST. 
      12. Clean out MacBook/restore. 
      13. Update client files/Create address information database. 
      14. Get my 2015 brides prepped and pumped to be MARRIED! 
      15. Toy the idea of a attending a workshop… Eep. Maybe. 
      16. Caynay tag line. I have what I want the foundation to be.. Now just to spin it into something classy/clever. 
Oofta.. By the looks of this it isn’t going to be an off season at all. I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me but I am thrilled to have some time off to work on the back bone/foundation of Caynay!