December 12, 2014

2015 Re-Design | Sneak Peek!


Oh my goodness! I have been dreaming, working, tossing, and building a little make over for Caynay! I’ve been talking about it a little here and there and today I’m sharing a sneak peek! I’ve got new packaging being delivered today (!!!) and I’m hoping to unveil the final product at the end of this month! This sneak peek may be exactly what the final will look like or it’ll probably be totally different.. I have about 4 ideas currently sitting in my “2015 Caynay Re-Design” file on my computer.. Oh the life of a creative.

So since I’m absolutely horrible at secrets this is probably the most unveiling sneaks in the land of sneak peeks.. That’s okay though because I’m all about keeping everyone in the “know” and allowing feedback! So here it is & feel free to let me know what you think!! 🙂


& can I get a high five to my lovely 2014 bride, Morgan, for getting my jumbled of a brain into a tagline that I completely and utterly adore. Big hugs to you my friend!