December 1, 2014

Re-design..Maybe? | Business Post


My head is spinning. I’m a visual person so it’s hard for me to “plan” without any tangible objects in front of me. But earlier this season I decided I needed a packaging re-vamp. After careful consideration and an incident that pushed me over the edge I have started researching, dreaming, and calculating (Offta.. Expensive) a packaging overhaul.

Ultimately I am excited. Stamps, stickers, new ribbon, new boxes, new flash drives (still debating as I truly do love mine), new EVERYTHING! I was feeling that my old packaging just wasn’t suiting my style or my brand anymore. It just wasn’t “me” and no longer felt like it represented my bright, warm, light, and vibrant style. Instead it felt dark, drab, and no longer original.

I like to keep things spicy and new. It only made sense to revamp the packaging that has treated me oh so well since 2012! I haven’t quite figured out if I’m going to share it here or not (other then little sneaks) as I’m thinking of keeping it exclusively for my clients & couples!! Something pretty they can have show up on their doorstep with no idea of how it’ll look!