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January 9, 2015

2014 Best Of | Engagements

Ohhh my stars. I had some of the most spectacular engagement sessions this year. I am truly at a loss for words with how amazing 2014 treated me. I’ve said it on Facebook, I’ve said it here, I’ve said it on Instagram but I am so unbelievably overwhelmed with HAPPINESS! I really can’t even begin to describe how excited I am for the 2015 season & all my lovely couples!

I sit here staring at a blinking cursor without much to say other then, THANK YOU! Thank you to all these lovely couples for their time and fun during their engagement sessions. From downtown Madison, to Chicago, to Northern Wisconsin, to Dubuque Iowa, to Milwaukee! I feel like I have had such an amazing adventure so far!

Congratulations to my couples that got married and did their engagement sessions in the same year (cough cough Ian & Kendra | Kieran & Isabel! | Shane & Brittany!) but most importantly I can’t WAIT for the 2015 weddings (which starts February 7th!! WOOHOO Lauren & Zac!)

Here they are! My favorite engagement images from 2014. In no particular order!

Ian and Kendra’s state park e-shoot was sun soaked and full of color. 
 and rocked the award of “most mosquito bites acquired during a session” 
 Shane & Brittany’s downtown Madison session was the epitome of a perfect summer night. 

 Allison & Alec crossed off a bucket list of places to shoot! The Madison Museum of Contemporary Art is just so beautiful! Can’t wait for their rooftop affair! 

 So classically beautiful you two! 
 Elise & Isaiah’s character filled Dubuque session was the session where something “clicked” inside of me and I started to realize the direction I wanted to go. 

 Gah! I adored my time with Kieran & Isabel! Such a beautiful pair! 

 Channelling my inner Jose Villa with the image on the right! Swoon! 
 Katie & Ben also crossed off a location bucket list! UW-Aboretum! These two are total naturals! 

 Ohhhh these two get married in LESS THEN A MONTH! I can’t wait for their snowy downtown Madison wedding. The session where I embarrassingly enough called Lauren the wrong name… (I’ll tell the story sometime!) 

 I love these two! A local park + a sun kissed evening + the best wardrobe choices = one of my favorite sessions! I didn’t want it to end! 

 One of my top favorite portraits for 2014! It was total luck but I adore it! 
 Ohhhhh Mel & Thomas.. I have absolutely no words for your session. It was a misty, overcast, kinda cold Chicago day and it was one of my top favorite sessions of 2014.. We laughed more then anything and I constantly think about our time together! 

 Some day in my office I’m going to blow this up to a canvas. I am in LOVE with this photo! 
 Brittany & Adam. Oh you two. I could have photographed you two for 4 hours (we shot till the sun went down).. Another one of my top favorite sessions for 2014. I constantly go through your gallery on a dreary day to soak up some sunshine and warmth. 

 We might have trespassed on someone’s property to get some shots but it was totally worth it. When I think of you two I think of comfort, chemistry, and warmth. I adored our time together! 

 We had the most beautiful sky that day. The image on the right? It was dark out & that’s why I love it.. The fact that we kept shooting as the sun went down means just how much fun we had! 
 Oh Milwaukee.. You always treat me so well when I venture over to you. Brandi and Alex. Your session was cozy, comfortable, and passionate. It’s the epitome of a winter session and I adored every second of it! 

 Caitlyn & Romie! Gah! Two of the most beautiful people I know. I can’t wait for your wedding. You two picked one of the best natural locations and I’m adding it to my arsenal. The love you two share is something for the books! 

I went through my records like 5 times and I sure hope I didn’t forget anyone. It’s funny how fast the year goes and what you forget. Looking back through these images is like a breath of fresh air. So much LOVE, passion, excitement, JOY, and most importantly couples that have a solid foundation for a beautiful marriage! 

Best of 2014 Wedding images are hopefully coming Monday!!