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January 17, 2015

2014 | Best of Weddings

I tried really really hard to whittle  it down to one image a wedding and my oh my was it hard but I almost did it. I consider this to be my first actual wedding season and I have to say that it was everything that I hoped for and more. I had 14 fantastic couples. 28 people that were absolutely beautiful, loving, warm, welcoming, and made me feel like not only a vendor but a friend. There was a lot of tears and a lot of hugs but I couldn’t have had a better year & that’s because of these lovely couples.

It was a year I’ll never forget. A year that in March I only had 4 weddings and I was happy. Happy with 4 weddings and little did I know that right after my mom said something like, “Well realistically it’s probably getting too close for any more & that’s okay!” I had 10 (!!!!) other couples book with me. It was the year that had me in the most beautiful venues and I am truly grateful that I get to experience so many locations with so many different challenges. It’s the excitement of “Ohhhh I wonder what the light is going to be today, or what details am I going to get!” that keeps me getting up on those Saturday mornings like a child at a birthday party. I’ve had weddings that ranged to mason jar barn beautifulness to formal affairs and I’m so grateful.

So here are my absolute favorite of the favorite images from the year. I stared at each gallery for a while and opened half of the “favorite” images to pick out the ones to share today so here they are! I also totally realized how obsessed I am with vertical images to horizontal ones. Swoon.