January 12, 2015

About Me | Business Post


Sometimes ideas pop into my head and then they sit there for months on end before I act on them.

“No not today.. I’m having a bad hair day..” – “No.. I’m awkward, this is a terrible idea” – “Eh.. I don’t feel like showering today..”

Then alas the stars aligned and I felt a fire under my butt and I did it! I finally hit “record” on my camera and attempted to capture myself in a magical unicorn sort of a way. A charming, down to earth, not too mushy, not too professional, personal, and possibly funny? The last one was a toughy because let’s be real.. My lovely brothers got all the funny genes.

But it’s real and it’s kind of weird watching it because obviously you don’t know how you look to other people or what your mannerisms are. I really had a lot of fun doing it!

So much fun that I’m thinking of doing a monthly video (thank you, bestie boo Lauren!).. So whether it be just a little “hey how’s it going” video or a story time I think it’d be a lot of fun to add to the blog!

If you haven’t seen it already here she is! My first ever attempt in iMovie and my makeshift living room video setup 🙂