February 27, 2015

Life As Of Lately | Personal Post


It’s been creepily quiet over here for the last few months & I’m not entirely sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. Most Fridays (and Monday’s for that matter) I wake up and go “Ohhh shoot.. You didn’t write.. Ahhhhgain” and it eats at me for 45 minutes but not enough to bring myself to write.. It’s kind of a weird situation and I can feel it start to well up inside me. The scheduled writing will be back soon enough.. I can feel it.. Or maybe it’ll start up in May when my season kick starts.. Oops.

Anyway, I am alive and unbelievably well so I wanted to share some life updates. I thought about doing this in a video post but I didn’t feel like putting my eye brows on (more on that in a few..)

So here we go! Random thoughts and a life update.. 3..2..1.. GO

1. I move April 24th!!! I found the perfect one bedroom one bath apartment 30 seconds from my current apartment and best of all.. OTTO! My english bully baby gets to live with me and I am beyond thrilled and excited (so is he.. He has this little calendar that he crosses the dates off.. It’s adorable).

2. I found my eyebrows. Life of a blonde. Enter the Anastasia Brow Wiz pencil. Totes worth its $14 $21 price tag (I paid WHAT?! For a pencil?! I swore it was $14). It’s fantastic and I feel like a new woman…Like deserted island I might pick this over mascara. I’m that serious.

3. This song. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. But that’s also my personality. Find something you like and do it in excess.. That might be a problem.

4. All things WHITE.. Have you seen my latest pin board? Thinking white duvet, white curtains, for the new apartment bedroom. It’s just elegant and crisp. Adore.

5. My neighbors probably hate me. 95% of the time I’m home I’m BLASTING music through this bad boy.. Or more like blasting a, as in singular, song.. (see #3)

6. I’m feeling a little ho-hum about Caynay right now.. I haven’t quite met my dream quota for the 2015 season & it feels like everyone has met and exceeded their quotas. I know, I know.. Comparison is the thief of joy. Truly though, if I don’t book anymore I’m reminding myself that 2014 Caitlin would have been PUMPED. Remember that, Cait.

7. This site brings me to tears every time. So funny & a lot of truth.

8. When you wipe your Macbook Pro clean because it was being a butt face and you think there was a hiccup in your external and not all your music transferred. Gah. Where ya at T-Swizzle.. I know I’ve bought all your albums.

9. I’m 24 people (this just happened). 20 freaking 4 and I jokingly tell people I’m 10 years out from children… Epiphany.. Realistically more like 5 years minimum.. Cue full fledge freak out.  I just like sleep but I guess I need a boyfriend first.

10. Tax meeting……. I just can’t wait to write a $4,000 check…… Cue confetti, wine, and a box of donuts.  No wait, I’ll be poor. #5 might be up for sale by then if you’re interested.