February 16, 2015

Sam & Jon | Chilly Winter Chicago Engagement Session


It was cold. Like really really cold. Like people were taking photos of us while we were shooting & I’m sure they were either snapchats or instagram posts going, “Who in their right mind does a session in Chicago when it feels like -20 out?!”.. Us, that’s who.. & it was completely and totally worth it!

We wandered around, faced my fear of cabs (true life), and captured some beautiful, classy, and iconic Chicago images. It was the epitome of a beautiful winter session!

I can’t wait for your Sheboygan wedding you two! I truly enjoyed our time together and I look forward to getting to know you both during this time! Wishes!

 So classy!

 Particularly love this set! So beautiful! 
 That hurrrrr gurl. The wind gusts were insane! 

 Color is my inspiration when it comes to background. We found this little patch and I was in love. A favorite. 
 Another favorite! 
 Jon pointed out this little area and boy was it a good pick! The light was perfect! 
 Another favorite! 

 I loved this area. Those trees were amazing!