May 8, 2015

The Things I’ll Never Do | Personal Post


Kind of a strange blog title, no? Sounds cryptic and negative but I promise it won’t be that. It all started with the idea of a tattoo. I have always adored woman with ink and often find myself envious of the “bad ass” air they seem to have. Their story, the meaning, the way they motivate and beautifully articulate a story far beyond my comprehension of your life. I love the idea of them, amongst a lot of things, in my life.

I scribbled a piece of wordage on my arm that I drummed up in my head. It captured the piece of me that’s photography related, but also a simple reminder to myself on a personal level.

 I washed off the pretty letters about as fast as I could write and re-write them 5 times. I won’t ever do it. Ever.

With the 5th scrub and a red arm I started thinking about the things I would never do in my life. Were they things I would regret? Were they things that I will vicariously live through others with? How about a mid life crisis? It’s a scary thing, life, I’m afraid I’m going to wake up and be 50 with a life full of “well I should have done that when I was single and thriving”.

I’ll probably never cross the pond. You know, the big one. This one makes me a little sad but realistically I’m not sure it’ll happen. It’s a combination of a long plane ride and cost (I’m a saver…Most days).. I definitely feel like this will be a regret.

I’ll probably never lose a shoe outside a castle and have a prince rescue me. Sorry 5 year-old Caitlin. Fine by me.

I’ll never pack my bags and move to a city far away. Another one I’m okay with. As much as I crave it some days I adore Madison and my life here.

I’ll never run a marathon. Why? Doughnuts.

I’ll never own a droid…… Ew.

My favorite color will never be anything other then black… or aqua… or white.. Okay this might forever change.

I’ll never wish I was handed a successful business. This ones hard. As I found myself in tears today. I struggle building this foundation sometimes but I know it’s making me stronger and oh so grateful.

I’ll never settle. A little nudge and reminder to listen to your gut. It’s always right.

I’ll never truly like mixed drinks because beer.

I’ll never wish my family dynamic was different. No secrets, no drama, and constant laughter. Still boggles my mind how I have a family that gets along as well as we do.

But I will wish for happiness, as like most people, all I’m after. I will wish for health. I will wish for the base of my business to be built on hard work, good relations, and keeping true to myself. I will wish for dusk to never end. I will wish for independence. I will wish for being grateful for the beautiful life I currently have. I will wish for doughnuts with no calories. I will wish for my wifi to remain strong. Well you get the point…..