January 9, 2015



That’s it. That started it all.

When I first started thinking about business names I couldn’t really figure out what I wanted. Did I want  something catchy (which would have been a horrible choice) or did I want my name? I wasn’t a huge fan of my name as a photography business and I was stumped. Then it hit me. As a child I couldn’t pronounce my own name. Don’t ask me how I didn’t land in speech therapy. I decided Caynay (kay-nay) was a better name then Caitlin. To this day, even as a 23 year old, my family still calls me it and it is still a huge part of who I am. It felt perfect to build my brand and my business around it. 

I started with photographing children as I was an early education major and it’s what made sense. Weddings made me nervous but it was really secretly where my passion sat. I booked my first wedding for $300. Yeah, still blows my mind too. It was a huge learning experience and during that wedding I realized that I forever wanted to capture couples and their happiness.
I have cried a lot of tears (both happy and sad) over this business of mine. I’m still working on my foundation but I have the confidence that I will achieve all of my aspirations. I spill my heart on this blog and I share my struggles along with my successes. I’m hoping you’ll read along and enjoy some eye candy while you’re here. 
I’m not just a photographer although it is a huge part of who I am. I am obsessed with caramel and the colors mustard and teal. My momma and papa are my best friends and my little brother still drives me crazy in the best way possible. My Step-Daddy is one of the smartest people I know and has been a bigger part of my life then he will ever realize. My older brothers are my idols. As you can tell, my family is a huge influence on me. I am a graphic designer wannabe. I enjoy romantic comedies and suffer from CRR (chronic road rage. It’s made up. Don’t webMD it but it’s a real problem people). I love people in love and I enjoy all things girly.
Again, so glad you’re here. Even if it’s for just a short while I’m happy to have had you!