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August 30, 2016

How ‘Any List’ Made My Wedding Days Easier | Tog Talk

I was sitting at my desk thinking about ways to make certain aspects of a wedding day go more smoothly.. Family formals are always a bit chaotic & I’m always brainstorming on how to make that part of the day run smoother! I do require a family formal list (with names) on my wedding day questionnaire & that has helped tremendously.. BUT reading them from a PDF in tiny font on my phone often times left me feeling flustered or reading a shot more the once on accident.

It was a few months ago, my dad was talking about “Any List”. He was discussing about how useful it was for grocery shopping & the ability to sync different phones and actually “cross” off an item that you (or the other person) got.. For some very AWESOME reason that conversation came right back to me and it was like the lightbulb exploded inside my brain. 

‘Any List’ has been a total & complete GAME changer for me. 

My favorite thing about Any List is being able to physically cross something off and having a red line go straight through the item. This especially works wonderfully for family formals as after I receive the wedding day questionnaire I create “new” list for that wedding and put in ALL combinations & names. Crossing off combinations helps keep my brain organized & making sure we make it through all formals without missing anyone.