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May 5, 2016

April Favorites | Mish Mash

I’ve got a little collection of things that are favorites this month! I didn’t take any product images so just click on this links if you want more information! 

Lululemon Align Pant : These. Are. amazing. So so so amazing. Yes, they are super pricey but trust me when I say they are the most amazing leggings ever. They don’t move, super soft, totally opaque,  and they’re the most comfortable leggings ever. Combine all that with a high waist and they are the first pair of leggings I reach for! They’ve already made improvements from the first version (which is what I have!). Bonus about lulu? I just took in a pair of 4 year old leggings that had the inner thigh coming loose & they re-seamed them free of charge! 

Sea Bags : Looking for a unique and indestructible summer bag with east coast flair? I bought this sea bag a few weeks ago and I am obsessed. The company, based out of Maine, takes old sails from sail boats and creates bags & all sorts of goodies out of them!  

Dexflex Comfort Flats : Good shoes for wedding photographers is always a hot hot topic on the FB groups I’m a part of! Everyone kept mentioning these flats as amazingly supportive, don’t break the bank, and come in oodles of colors. I snagged up a black and nude pair. What I love most about them? With them being $20-$30 I can wear them for a season and then toss. I ruin whatever shoes I wear so this works out perfectly for me! 

Lodge Reversible Grid/Iron Griddle : You know you’re an adult when you get excited about a piece of cookware. Living in an apartment I can’t have a grill on my balcony, but I crave a “grill” feel to my food. I snagged this bad boy the other day & it’s pretty much all I’ve been cooking on. Bigger plus? Made in the USA! 

So excited it’s May. Inching closer and closer to wedding season!! <3 <3