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March 24, 2014

Keeping Things Fresh | Random Thoughts On My Blog Brand

So it’s obvious that around here I switch things up quite often. The header gets refreshed, the side bar gets changed, my tabs get overhauled along with my “about me” section. I haven’t quite decided if it’s because I’m unhappy with the way it looks or if it’s because I’m a design freak. Probably the latter.

A design freak that’s mediocre who can’t figure out what fonts go well together and is unhappy with her blog. It’s a complicated world out there, folks.

Just until recently I was sporting a polka dot theme in the header..

But then I got to thinking about blogging brands and how my blog was portraying my brand as a photographer. Then that spiraled into what I want my brand to be. Flirty and fun? Fresh and clean? Modern and chic?

Downward spiral into a dark abyss.

It’s an internal struggle really. Something that I have been trying to sift through and figure out. I know I’m a natural light photographer. I also know my typical clientele. Most of my clients are in their 20’s who are laid back, fun, loving, and welcoming. My clients are also classy, chic, and natural. I know my posing is classic with a twist of modern. I know my editing style is clean. I know that my compositions are modern (for the most part).

So what do I have there?
Modern. Clean. Natural. Classic.

Well that narrows it down.

Now why does this tie in with the polka dot header? Well like I said, I got to thinking on how it represented my brand. I love polka dots.. Don’t get me wrong but I felt they weren’t portraying my brand in the way I wanted. They were classic and pretty but in an immature juvenile way. I felt the polka dots would have been better suited for say a family or children’s photographer. Not weddings.

I love my clients. I love who I’ve photographed and their weddings represent everything that I’ve wanted (I’ve truly been lucky). So in order to keep that type of client my brand needs to represent them. Represent who they are so I can keep appealing my ideal brides & grooms.

So for now it’ll be glitter, which has been used a lot lately.. Probably because I hate glitter in real life..Digital glitter is far less messy. & I am going to start collecting ideas on branding and attempt to overhaul the blog. I will keep you all updated but unfortunately my thoughts/collections will be via secret Pinterest board.