May 15, 2014

Happy Birthday, Lauren!


This blog post is coming to you a day early… & for a special reason.. MY BEST FRIEND!

You know those people who you can tell it like it is & they won’t get mad? Lauren.
The people you can share inappropriate jokes to and it’s okay? Lauren.
The friend that you can complain about the SAME thing on way more then one occasion & they still listen? Lauren.

Lauren and I haven’t been best friends for very long. She lived in Janesville in the cutest apartment by herself and I lived at home with the parents. We were at different stages in our lives. But as I got older (and could enjoy a cold margarita legally) we became closer. I will never forget when I knew we would be friends. We were talking and she said something along the lines of,

“life happens. We may not always be able to talk and we may not always hang out together but just so both of us know that life happens. That no matter what it isn’t anything against the other person it’s just we get busy.” 

We have been there to fix the broken pieces, to celebrate the successes, & to experience the in-their-20-something lifestyle which has proved to some of our most exciting years yet. I can’t wait to see how our friendship evolves as we get older. As long as we keep nacho hunting together than I know everything will be okay.

You truly are the best friend I could wish for. Happy 26th birthday Lauren!

Now go get health insurance 😉