May 19, 2014

How I use Google Calendar


Google calendar has been an organizing saving grace for me. I have 6 (oh my SIX) places where I have clients weddings dates (contracts, notes on my iPhone, written calendar, Google calendar, Apple calendar AND in my client tracking spreadsheet). Wow that sounds like overkill once it’s written out but Google calendar is by far my favorite way to keep my life organized.

Granted I don’t have a ton of weddings this year but I have enough. Enough that I’m already having those beloved nightmares (other photogs you know the ones where you drop your camera mid ceremony and it crumbles into a million little pieces.. yeah, those). 
I talked about how I use Google Calendar for blogging. Which is hands down my favorite method to keep me on track. It also gives me a good visual layout of what’s coming & what needs to get done. I am picky about calendars and I have to say, the newest iOS update ruined Apple’s calendar for me.. I HATE how it works.

BUT Google Calendar synchronizes my schedule! Which let’s be real…Is one of my favorite things about technology. So when I put something into Google Calendar it automatically puts it into my Apple Calendar! Woo!

GC also alerts me on my phone which has been awesome. So the day before an event I get an alert on my phone which has given me a great sense of piece of mind. Especially with bridal consultants. Oh the horror it’d be to miss one of those! 

Oh and look at ALL the workouts I have scheduled every week.. Good thing I only go to Zumba on Tuesdays……