June 16, 2014

Going Out on a Limb | Facebook Frustration


Know that I mean this with the best of intentions.

Oof.. Nothing makes a post sound more juicy then that.

98% of photographers, musicians, and small business owners are shaking their fists at Facebook for it’s recent algorithm changes. Reach is down, interaction is down, and business growth is down. Why? Because Facebook wants you to pay. 
Yes this is equally frustrating and sad but it’s simply business and smart business at that.
Any company large or small has a few goals… One of those goals is to make money. I am as irritated with the next person about Facebook but deep down I can’t help but defend Facebook for their smart moves.
Want to reach more audience? Pay. Want to expand your exposure in news feeds? Pay. 
They simply saw a GREAT avenue to build revenue and we can’t be mad at them. & let’s be honest.. They hit us where we need it most. Most small companies are currently on their knees begging for interaction. Facebook has us right where they want us. 
For a LONG time us small business owners (along with the top dogs) have been utlizing Facebook for it’s FREE exposure (myself included). On average I was growing my “likes” by 20 or so people every time I had a session. It was fantastic. When the algorithm changed my exposure dropped along with my likes. Yes it’s sad but it was a free marketing tool that helped me grow for the time it was available. 

I firmly believe that you shouldn’t put your eggs in one basket. Utilize Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn.. The list goes on and on. Hashtags are a huge tool in this industry. Facebook did what any smart company should do and they narrowed in on what would make their company grow. 
Again, I understand the frustration because I myself am having to explore other marketing avenues. But we all had to see these changes coming. So many companies were getting exposure and getting big off of Facebook for free! It was a lovely thing while it lasted but it’s time to get smart. 
I had put about 80% of my marketing into Facebook so I, alongside many, am having a hard time adjusting but it’s the way of the world. Every company is looking to make money & Facebook is no exception and they owe us absolutely nothing. 
Phew.. This has been something that’s been on my chest for a while now. I know my mindset is a tad different than anyone else that has posted on this topic but I firmly stand by it. I hate that I feel like sticking up for Facebook but it’s a survival of the fittest.

T-5 DAYS PEOPLE!!! So excited for this wedding!!