January 6, 2015

Caynay & Me! | Business Post



That’s all that really comes to mind with 2014. It was the year of 14 weddings (which is crazy to the 4 I shot in 2013)! It was the year of honing in on my “style”, getting my editing consistent,  but most importantly celebrating some of the best couples I have ever met this year!

You know that feeling where your insides feel all tingly and there is an air bubble that catches itself in your chest and your breath skips just a couple of times? The feeling associated to a really good hug, or the perfect doughnut (no judging!).. That is what 2014 was for me. I had 14 couples! 14 couples who put their trust in me, who gave me the amazing honor of celebrating their big days but also giving them the pictures they will have forever.

Photos are funny that way. You don’t realize their importance until down the road. That’s when you realize the impact they have. They can transport you to another place, bringing you to the exact way it felt when you slipped on your wedding dress, or the way your flowers smelled, or the precise way your grooms eyes filled with joy as you walked down the isle.

I truly can not believe that this is my life. This is the path that I have been guided down and I am unbelievably thrilled for what 2015 has!

So first up for the 2014 review for Caynay is my beloved Caynay & Me photo! I tried SO hard to remember to do this for every wedding & I did!! These photos are such a treasure to me!

Congratulations again to all my 2014 couples.. I love each and every one of you (in probably a kinda creepy way) — You all mean so much to me and I can’t wait to watch your lives unfold!!!