February 14, 2017

5 Tips For Winding Down | Wedding Style : FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS

For Photographers, Tog Talk

I know I sometimes struggle with “coming down” after a wedding day. As a wedding photographer, you’ve been “on” all day, you’re probably exhausted, your feet hurt, & all you want to do is sleep but your brain thinks otherwise. Over the years, I’ve found a few sure fire ways to unwind after a hard & joyous day of work. 

  1. Be Preventative: Keep up with your fluids all day. I use my trusty Swell bottle. It doesn’t leak, keeps my water cold, and fits the brand. I also take Advil periodically throughout the day.. It keeps my feet pain at bay and also makes recovery quicker. 
  2. Shower/Wash your face: This one seems obvious, especially in the summer time. But getting all the dirt and grime off your face & body is the best way to unwind. On the days that I’m really sore, a bath with a Lush bath bomb is the best.
  3. Keep the TV off/Limit Phone Use: Stimulating your brain more is probably the last thing you want to do. I know, it’s easy to shamelessly scroll after you’ve been off it all day, but your brain will thank you.
  4. Grab your favorite pajamas: The baggier and more unattractive the better. I’ve actually ran to Target before after a long day and bought new jammies and socks. Nothing beats a brand new pair of socks on your feet. 
  5. Apply HEAT: A heating pad is perfect if your shoulders are aching and/or your lower back! I also have a heated throw which feels wonderful! Heated seats in your car? Turn them on the second you sit down. Seems silly in the summer but crank the air and cozy in. It’ll feel like heaven on your back. 

There are obviously also things like, grab a good book, make a cup of your favorite tea, or have a glass of wine! I firmly believe figuring out what calms you down most and apply all those things in one evening are your best bet! Happy relaxing! <3