July 18, 2014

I Have a Problem…


You see..There is this thing I like to do.. I like to edit late at night after my eyes have grown heavy (for those that don’t know I work full time so my Caynay stuff gets done at night)…

So editing late at night in the dark + heavy eyes + the anxiousness that I love about editing = not editing completely in my style.

Yepp. I said it. I do it ALL the time.. But on the positive side I always wake up the next day & bang my head against the wall. But do I ever learn? Nope.

I wonder how many wedding blog posts I’ve created and then had to re-do.. MustLearnBlogstomp.

It’s a rough road I lead people.

So with that being said.. Kelly & Sam were supposed to hit the blog this morning.. You know Kelly with the crinkle nose smile that’s ahhhdorable and Sam who is just infatuated beyond belief with his lovely new wife? Yepp these two.

Well their beautiful Columbia Yacht Club wedding was supposed to be up today but I’m a lame-o and have to re-do their blog post (It’s 11PM as I’m writing this and it ain’t happening tonight)..
I don’t think they’ll mind. They’re in Jamaica anyway 😉 
So long story short.. They will be hitting the blog Monday bright and early!