August 15, 2014

Little Miss A | Newborn


As a photographer you find your niche. You find the thing you love and you keep doing it over and over and over again. In my case? It’s weddings. I adore everything about them. But sometimes you get the request to do something different and you can’t say no.

Megan (my boyfriends sister), had a baby girl and asked if I’d be willing to do her newborn photos. I couldn’t say no but I also made it very clear that I’m not an baby whisperer. Megan reassured me that as long as we got 10 good ones she’d be happy!

Little Miss A is perfect. From her beautiful hair to her squishy little toes. It was such a fun honor to hang out with her last friday! So excited to see this little girl grow!

Note: Since I blog every session I had to blog this cutie! But let me just say that I will not be furthering my newborn clientele past the family circle. I will be happy to find a newborn photographer suited for you! 🙂