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December 8, 2014

Brandi & Alex | Milwaukee Winter Engagement Session

On my drive to Milwaukee I had this weird feeling in my tummy (& the preschool teacher in me never leaves..smiles) and couldn’t quite put my finger on it. After running through my gear list in my head a million times I realized I hadn’t forgotten anything…Earrings were in, proper clothing, remembered to get gas, remembered to write down beginning mileage.. But yet the feeling still lingered & then it hit me..


Oofta it had been a while since I felt those before an engagement session & Brandi was feeling the same way I was which made me feel a million times better. These two beautiful people were such a blast to spend the evening with and I feel sooo unbelievably honored to photograph this milestone for them. One of Brandi’s good friends is my favorite industry friend which makes my heart so unbelievably happy. To be given the opportunity to photograph someone that knows someone in this industry is the biggest compliment to me. So I was feeling just a weeee bit of pressure 😉

But I have to say we produced some beautiful images.. Some of my favorites from 2014. I love winter and the cozy feeling these give me brings me so much joy.

Brandi and Alex have this comfort about them. The type of comfort that while they are in your presence you just feel love. I love being around people in love and these two have it.

Okay. After I made the blog post I realized I forgot to take out the remnants of their puppy Chase on Alex’s jacket. Brandi, that has since been taken care of for your flash drive 😉 

Milwaukee kills me with its photo opportunities. Second time shooting in that beautiful city and if it wasn’t so far East I’d be okay with living there. 
I love glowy afternoon light. You two are BEAUTIFUL! 

One of my favorites! 

Obsessed with this bridge. During post I realized how it looks like a mirror behind them! 
Brandi your ring is unbelievably beautiful!! 
Another favorite! 

Street lights make for beautiful bokeh! 

Favorite!! Hands down my favorite image! Gahhh! <3