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Welcome to the blog. I’m truly so glad you’re here! This is where you’ll find all my recent work and where vibrancy and light truly shine. Publishing new posts is one of my favorite things to do so please feel free to stay awhile and click around.

I am based out of Madison, Wisconsin and am available for travel.

& just so we’re clear, All Are Welcome Here & Black Lives Matter.






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How I use Google Calendar

Google calendar has been an organizing saving grace for me. I have 6 (oh my SIX) places where I have clients weddings dates (contracts, notes on my iPhone, written calendar, Google calendar, Apple calendar AND in my client tracking spreadsheet). Wow that sounds like overkill once it’s written out but Google calendar is by far […]

May 19, 2014


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For Photog’s & Bloggers | 11 Tips For Blogging Better

I act like I’m a veteran.. Like I have been blogging for years and I know exactly what I’m doing. Wrong. I don’t & I have only been blogging consistently since March. Flighty blogging? Since 2011 (Wow.. Has it really been that long?) Anyway, during my little consistently blogging every Monday & Friday stint I […]

May 9, 2014


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Month of May Goals

How has it already been a month since I post my last goals?! Time is just flying by. I’ve settled into a new apartment with the boy, bought a new car, and am so very excited about wedding season. As far as consistent blogging? I have yet to miss a post since March 2nd so […]

May 5, 2014


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